Three Generations
Two Continents
One Vision

Founded in the former Soviet Union over 75 years ago by Mikhail Kaykov, established in 1991 in Forest Hills New York by his son Grigoriy, and currently administered and operated by Grigoriy’s sons Roman and Boris, Kaykov Media remains a firm driven by the talents and passions of a devoted family.

Roman Kaykov, company President, Director of Video Photography, and Senior Producer of Kaykov TV was handed his first camera at 6 years old and began his professional career in film and video at age 12 as assistant to his father, a professional photographer, and videographer. Roman’s resolution to expand the family business and further his own expertise in the industry, led him to 2 prestigious institutions, New York University and St. John’s University, Film Schools. Formalized education, training, and the opportunities these allowed permitted Mr. Kaykov to develop his creative disposition and hone his technical skills. While earning his degree, Roman joined the camera crews of several independent and mainstream films, with credits including, “Mickey Blue Eyes”, “Funny Valentine”, and the documentary film “Tajikistan in Our Hearts”.

His brother Boris, co-President of Kaykov Media, pioneered the family business in a new direction. Leading the development of the family brand with the addition of departments committed to full-service Graphic Design, Specialty Printing, and Visual Arts Services. The company now offered all
contemporary mediums of advertising and promotion, including broadcast television spot ad production and web publicity creation. Boris nurtured a corporate philosophy that integrated high creative pursuit and prevailing technology, with faithfulness to the highest standards of quality and

The company is now the leading Media Arts Firm in the Forest Hills area. A zealous supporter of the goals and ambitions of its patrons. Both brothers, through extensive practice, research and reeducation seek to maintain Kaykov Media at the cutting edge.

Meet the team!


Roman Kaykov



Boris Kaykov


michelle y

Michelle Yagudayeva

Chief of Staff


Robert Gerov Media

Web Development Partner


Ivan M

Graphic Designer


Arthur K

Photographer & Editor


Tanjona A

Videographer & Editor


Lion H

Video Proudction Specialist


Gaby K

Printing Specialist

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