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Wissensquiz Emmerich Projektmanagement: Aufträge effizient und erfolgreich abwickeln (TAM-Kolleg Praxis)
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Die Verwertbarkeit von Tagebuchaufzeichnungen im Strafverfahren (Europäische Hochschulschriften / European University Studies / Publications Universitaires Européennes)

Nargis Music Video

A perfect combination.  Diva extraordinaire Nargis and the visual artists at Kaykov Media. Filmmaker, Videographer Roman Kaykov and Bukharian Songstress Nargis Malayeva collaborate artistically with the production of the music video for  Nargis’s power ballad “Vospominaniya”.  The full scale promo is just another example of the diverse products and services available at Kaykov Media.  Artistic representations like these, as well as biographical documentaries, and now broadcast television commercial production, are all a part of what we do.  Art, commemoration, advertising or anything else.  Quality, high definition video productions, actualized from start to finish, by experienced visionaries at Kaykov Media.